对于在挑赞网商城板块购买的商品,在不影响二次销售的情况下,10天内(以顾客签收日期为准)可予以办理退换货。因个人原因造成商品损坏(如自行修改尺寸、洗涤)的,不予退换;商品吊牌、商品配件、说明书、保修单及标签等丢失的或包装破损,不予退换。 挑赞定制板块和挑赞众筹板块的商品均属定制产品,非质量问题不可办理退换货,请在购买前悉知。 质量问题:这里的质量问题是指印刷错误、产品破损有孔洞、尺码错误,不包含定制误差与不可避免的色差,生产过程中残留的线头、小污渍也不属于质量问题。 退换货所产生的运费由买家自行承担。 发票不作为退换货依据,但对于已开具发票的商品,退换货时需要连同发票一并退回,否则不接受该退换货。

Instructions for Return

For the goods bought in the shopping mall of TEEZAN, they may be returned within 10 days (receipt date of the customer) without affecting the secondary sales. No returning for damage caused by personal reasons (such as self-modified size and washing); No returning for goods that lost tags, accessories, manual, warranty and labels, etc. or only the packaging is damaged. All customized products in TEEZAN Customization and Crowd funding can’t apply for returns except for quality problems. Please know this before buying. Quality problems refer to printing errors, product damage with holes and size error. Customized errors, inevitable chromatic aberration, residual thread and small stains in the production process are not quality problems. Buyers shall pay return freight at their own expense. Invoice is not as a return basis. However, for the goods that have been invoiced, invoice is needed when returning, or no returning.


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