挑赞TEEZAN为世界各地的插画师和设计师建立了一个有趣的艺术家社区,在这个社区里,你可以与小伙伴们分享你的作品,参与比赛,获胜者能获得由挑赞网提供的现金奖励。你的设计也很可能被我们选出制作为商品,通过我们的佣金奖励机制,你能获得源源不断的由商品销售而带给你的收益。我们支持与鼓励年轻的艺术家来挑赞网分享你的作品,或许你还不是很有名,但加入挑赞,便是一个好的开始。 挑赞网的商品完全是由用户决定的。每周我们都会推出一款由用户投票选出的最受欢迎的的艺术产品,如果想支持你喜爱的设计师,你也可以与小伙伴们一起众筹他的设计。我们希望为大家带来最多样的艺术体验,这就是我们存在的意义。 挑赞创始于2015年,总部位于中国上海,一座与时俱进,开拓创新的城市。我们欢迎有才能,有创意,热爱创作,热爱艺术,且志同道合的朋友一起加入挑赞的大家庭。


TEEZAN has created an interesting artist community for illustrators and designers all over the world, where you can share your works with your friends and participate in competitions where winners can receive cash reward. Your design is also likely to be selected for the production of our goods through our commission mechanism. You can get a steady stream of goods sales which bring you benefits. We support and encourage young artists to share your works. Maybe you are not very famous now. However, participating in TEEZAN is a good start. Goods of TEEZAN are entirely determined by its users. Every week, we will launch a user-selected most popular art product. If you want to support your favorite designer, you can also take part in crowd funding for his design together your partners. We want to bring you the most diverse artistic experience, which is the meaning of us. Founded in 2015, headquarter of TEEZAN is in Shanghai, a pioneering and innovative city in China. We welcome talented, creative, passionate and like-minded friends to join in the big family.


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